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I was born on 21 January, 1960. My identity is regional and cultural rather than national. I come from a Presbyterian family in Northern Ireland. I studied French and German in Scotland, and also trained as a teacher of French and German in Belfast, and only became interested in English as a Foreign Language after experience as an assistant teacher in France and Austria. I taught speaking and listening classes in a large education faculty in Turkey between 1988 and 1993, and began my connection with Hiroshima University after completing a Masters degree in Applied Linguistics at Edinburgh University. I worked as a full-time English teacher at the Prefectural University of Hiroshima in Mihara from 2000 to 2012.
研究テーマResearch Interests
Popular Culture and Foreign Language Learning

担当授業Current Teaching

■ 英語コミュニケーション演習I ■ 英語コミュニケーション演習II ■ 英語ボキャブラリー演習 ■ 英語発音演習 ■ 英語語用法演習 ■ コミュニカティブライティングI ■ 英語圏の文化と社会

■ Academic Writing for Graduate Students in Education

研究上のモットーResearch Motto

I am interested in existential and postmodern approaches to foreign language learning. Existential philosophy stresses personal freedom, choice and responsibility. Postmodernism looks critically at meta-narratives - scientific, political, ethical - and prioritizes the creation of individual meaning and enjoyment.

授業指導上のポリシーTeaching Policy

My teaching philosophy is autonomy in community. Foreign language classes should principally be venues where learners can receive stimulus from a more advanced learner (the teacher) or native speaker, and where they can interact face-to-face with other learners, thereby experiencing community. Lessons are in most cases only indirectly related to language acquisition, and less important in that respect than autonomous learning outside the classroom.

大学院進学希望者へのメッセージMessage for Postgraduate Candidates

Study what you are really interested in because ultimately the most important audience for your studies is yourself. Maintain a critical stance towards teachers and seniors, and show tolerance for the idiosyncrasies of your classmates.

推薦図書Recommended Books

Conversation: From Description to Pedagogy by Scott Thornbury and Diana Slade.

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事前相談Contact Details

My office is C614. Just knock on the door. I can also give out my office phone number and e-mail address upon request.